Friday, November 4, 2011

PhoneGap Day Videos now available

Brian Leroux talks about PhoneGap 2.0

Michael Brooks talks about how to architect for many screens

Dave Johnson talks about everything you need to know about PhoneGap Plugins

Kevin Griffin and Don Coleman from Chariot Solutions talk about the NFC PhoneGap Plugin

Pat Mueller from IBM talks about Debugging apps with Weinre

Laurent Hasson from RIM talks about how Blackberry is embracing Web Tech with WebWorks

Miku Jha from Worklight talks about how Worklight uses PhoneGap to create apps for the Enterprise

Lyle Garza demos DateVenture

Kris Zyp from SitePen talks about Dojo Mobile

Tim Caswall from HP talks about NodeJS on webOS

Jason Grigsby & Lyza Gardner from CloudFour talk about Starting with the Mobile Web

Bryce Curtis from IBM talks about IBM, PhoneGap and the Enterprise

Brian Fling from PinchZoom, David Kaneda from Sencha, and Joni Rustulka cover the process of discovery and design in the mobile space

You can checkout the PhoneGap Youtube Channel here

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