Thursday, November 3, 2011

Free browsing on Glo Network all day long

Recently acquired my 7th or 8th line, which is an MTN line by way and was quite undecided as to which of their packages to sign up for. I had to get a third MTN line as the second had an issue I couldn't contend with. Friends and family suggested I sign up for the MTN Friends and Family package but in the process of my deciding on the package to put on the new SIM, I discovered MTN had a package called Funlink reloaded that had free 4MB of data for use everyday between the hours of 12:30am - 4:30am and I was disappointed in MTN usual, because they've been known to rarely give out things for FREE as such. Anytime they say they're giving out something for free, you had better be watchful and read between the lines. Why would any reasonable person stay up late at night all because of 4MB free browsing? MTN should for once surprise us with their offerings. I'm not really an MTN basher, but I believe they should occasionally try to do things right for their customers. I do use their modem to browse as it's the best I've used so far in this country and I've been on the network for almost a year now and renew almost thrice a month, so I'm not really an hater as such.

Anyway, to go straight to the point of my post, some months ago, I got a notification from Glo when I did a 1000 naira recharge that I was given 200MB free internet to use at any time of the day and I was like wow, that's a good one coming from Glo, but what struck me was that I've been browsing for free since then up till now and I wondered if it was still on the 200MB data plan. I wasn't so sure because I browse more on my Macbook with my MTN modem than I do on my phones, so I thought I was still within the limit of 200MB, only to read a post on Mobility blog a few days ago and discovered that Glo actually doled out GBs of data for people to use on their phones. MTN can you beat that?

I occasionally get charged if I use the wrong access point to browse on my E51, but I know better now which access point to use when I'd rather not be charged for my browsing. The way it works is really simple, load N500 or N1000 recharge cards and you receive free bonus data to browse with either you are aware of it or not. The trick is to ensure that you use Glo’s Glodirect configuration settings while browsing. If you have all sorts of access points on your phone, delete them, remove your SIM and reinsert it to have new configuration sent to you. But if you'd rather not delete them and just add new access points, you can use this setting:

Configuration name: Glodirect
APN:                         glosecure
Username:                 gprs
Password:                  gprs

So you don't have to wait till 12:30am to use 4MB of free internet on MTN, go get a Glo line if you don't have one. And for you Glo, thanks for this wonderful offer. Anyway, so much for the free publicity for Glo, I hope you do more as regards the quality of calls on your network as it can be frustrating at-times and it's seriously pissing me off after 4+ years on being on your network and I'm already thinking of making MTN my primary line, if solely for quality calls.

In case you get stuck in the process of enjoying the free data Glo offers on their network right now, head off to this post and read the comments to see how others overcame their own issue. All the best in your quest.

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