Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nokia Lumia 800 review

Nokia Lumia 800

The Verge gives a very comprehensive review of this much touted phone.
As usual with AMOLED, some users will find the colors rendered a little too rich, though there's sadly no option to tone down saturation as there is on Samsung's Galaxy S II.
And for the Ecosystem, they've got this to say
The gravitational pull of Microsoft and Nokia's collective determination can reasonably be expected to produce the critical mass of good apps for Windows Phone to truly compete with the best — it's just that at this particular moment in time, it continues to lag. While closing the gap on Android and iOS, Windows Phone doesn't improve on them in any dramatic way. Its multitasking overview is good, the live tiles offer information more quickly and easily, and its calendar is arguably the best of the bunch, but those are small advantages. iOS still wins when I want to browse the web or check out a new app and Android is still the best platform for users of Google services.
All in all, here's the breakdown

I must really commend the Verge for this highly comprehensive review. It's as if they left nothing out.

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