Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Infographic: The Rise of the New Economy

VisionMobile has just published a new Infographic that presents the most popular mobile platforms for developers (and how they’ve gained or lost mindshare in the past year) among other insights.

Android and iOS continue to be the most popular platforms, with a Mindshare Index of 76% and 66% respectively, while mobile web takes third place. You’ll also find the most popular screens that developers are currently targeting. Some 85% of developers today are targeting smartphones and 51% are targeting tablets – but, despite the hype, just around 8% of them target the TV screen.

The infographic also presents some sad truths about developer monetization – and how 1 in 3 developers are living below the “app poverty line”, uncovers which are the most cost-heavy platforms to develop on on and takes a look at the supply vs. demand of apps at a regional level.

Developer Economics 2012 - The Rise of the New App Economy