Saturday, November 19, 2011

jQuery Mobile 1.0 is finally out!

jQuery Mobile 1.0 Final

jQuery Mobile v1.0 is finally out. In this version, all the target platforms are supported: Apple iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7 - 7.5, Blackberry 4.x, 5, 6 & 7, Blackberry Playbook, Palm WebOS, Firebox Mobile (Beta), Opera Mobile 11.0, Meego 1.2, Kindle 3 and Fire, Chrome Desktop 11-15, Firefox Desktop 4-8, Internet Explorer 7-9, Opera Desktop 10-11, Opera Mini (5.0-6.0), Nokia Symbian^3, and all older smartphone platforms and feature phones. That's quite a handful of platform support. By using a progressive enhancement approach, even less capable devices can still access the content and functionality of a jQuery Mobile site. This broad compatibility gives you the ability to reach many billions of people.

The performance of this version has also been improved, there's an increase of 30 - 50% page enhancement time across all platforms at a minimum compared to RC2. Also with this release, they've just created ThemeRoller for Mobile tool, which is a web-based tool that makes it super simple to create custom themes without writing a single line of CSS. Drag and drop colors to create your masterpiece, then share it via URL or download a ZIP file with your custom theme stylesheet, ready for production (or additional tweaking).

The resource section has been organized to provide you with tons of plugins, extensions, frameworks, tools, articles, tutorials and lots more. You can download the 1.0 ZIP here, or fork it on Github.

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