Monday, November 14, 2011

Appcelerator/IDC Q4 2011 Mobile Developer Report now available.

In a survey recently carried out by Appcelerator, findings reveal that Amazon’s new Kindle Fire edged Samsung Galaxy Tab as the leading Android Tablet in North America, on par with interest for the iPad prior to its launch in April 2010, and second only to the Galaxy Tab globally with developers. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 also decisively moved ahead of RIM’s BlackBerry OS to become the clear number three mobile OS behind iOS and Android. Appcelerator and IDC also continued their research into how companies are making the move from the web to mobile.

Here are the top-line findings of the report:

  • Amazon’s new Kindle Fire ignites developer interest.
  • Price is the leading reason for interest in the Kindle Fire.
  • When considering Kindle Fire’s potential drawbacks, fragmentation and lack of features like camera and geo-location were the two top concerns cited by developers.
  • Windows Phone 7 separated from the pack to become the clear number three mobile platform this quarter.
  • Microsoft is enjoying symbiotic success with Nokia. 
  • There’s now more interest in Nokia’s new Lumia Windows Phone lineup than RIM’s smartphones.
  • HTML5 continues to keep developer interest.
  • Connected TV app development interest continues to slide.
  • iOS continues to reign at number one in developer interest levels.
  • Android phones fell nearly 4 points to 83% while tablets fell nearly 6 points to 68%.

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