Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Youtube Launches in Nigeria

Nigeria has a culture that is steeped in sharing and storytelling, and Nigerians are passionate about music, entertainment and education. Few other places in the world are home to a movie industry the size of Nollywood, which now ranks second in the world after Bollywood in terms of output, and where over 300 producers create somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 movies a year!

This makes Nigeria a perfect match for YouTube, which is now putting down local roots with From today, YouTube will offer Nigerian users more relevant content, and provide a platform to share Nigeria’s unique and diverse culture and lifestyle with the world’s largest online video community.

We have worked partnered with local broadcasters and content producers to help bring popular Nigerian content to the whole world. Our partners include Chocolate City, Storm 360, Nollywood Love, Channels TV, and Lagos Television. We have also launched the YouTube Partner Program which helps video creators develop their channels, grow their audiences and generate revenue. For all the content creators out there, find out more about partnering with us on YouTube by visiting our partner resources site. And of course, YouTube is not just about entertainment and music -- it’s also about education, practical tips, advocacy, and lots lots more.

Got a low-speed Internet connection? Don’t worry -- you won’t be left behind. In case you are wondering how you can watch videos online with a slow connection, you can try out YouTube Feather. Feather is a ‘lite’ version of YouTube which helps users play YouTube videos faster. Why not try it out while watching the YouTube Nigeria mashup that celebrates the diversity of Nigerian history, culture, talent and entertainment:

There is a huge wealth of talent in Nigeria and we believe that everyone has something to broadcast. So whether your video camera is on your phone or computer, and whether or not you have professional gear, it’s time to broadcast yourself at!

- Affiong Osuchukwu, Country Marketing Manager, Nigeria

Source: Google Africa Blog

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