Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The 3 Pillars of Google’s Strategy

Google’s strategy is all about ads, not selling services and their three-pronged strategy for making money are the key drivers for the company’s success.
Google is in the first place an advertisement business, as an overwhelming 96% of its revenues come from digital ads. The three pillars of Google’s strategy are what enables the company to sell more ads for more money. Google increases its reach by flattening any obstacle that stands between its ads and eyeballs. Then, Google expands its visibility to the user by providing services, creating more opportunities to show ads. Finally, the company squeezes the maximum out of those opportunities by mining user data, which allows them to understand and target users very efficiently.

In conclusion, Google doesn’t give away all its consumer services for free out of the goodness of its heart. Its purpose is to make profit. If services are provided for free, they are meant to flatten, expand and mine in order to sell advertisements.

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