Sunday, December 4, 2011

Imagine Cup 2012 Windows Phone Challenge

Are you a student and mobile developer with a good idea? If so, then take Imagine Cup 2012 Windows Phone Challenge, sponsored by Nokia. Nokia will also help you to start creating game-changing ideas by offering several engaging development suggestions on the IdeasProject site in areas that include education, health, and the environment. Find an idea that matches your passion, and build a mobile app or content (sorry, games are not eligible).

Entries will be judged on themes, uniqueness, design, innovation, architecture, utility, and delight. In addition, all applications must adhere to the Imagine Cup 2012 Theme, ‘Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems’. The top three winning teams will receive a free trip to the Imagine Cup World Finals in Sydney, Australia, in July 2012. They will also win cash prizes: $8,000 (USD) for the first-place winning team; $4,000 (USD) for the second-place team; and $3,000 (USD) for the third-place winners. Other prizes will include Nokia Lumia phones.

In Round 1 of the challenge, student teams will need to create and submit an Application Summary and SketchFlow Prototype for a Windows Phone app that is inspired by an Imagine Cup 2012 Theme. Your Round 1 submissions are due by 13 March 2012. Round 2, which includes your actual entry file, will be due by 3 May 2012.

Get the Imagine Cup 2012 Windows Phone Challenge documents, download the tools, check out the complete rules, and register today.

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