Saturday, December 31, 2011

Prettify your Google Android Emulator with these Nexus S & Nexus One Skins

Heiko Behrens recently created high-quality skins for Samsung Nexus S and HTC Nexus One for use in the Android emulator. Every Android Developer knows that the emulator by default comes with an ugly looking skin that looks more like something from the 90s when you compare it to the look of the Android phones out there. 

He was able to create the skins with their native screen resolution at a superb image quality. They offer a glow effect when hovering over the hardware buttons, render a subtile drop shadow on both orientations and come with smooth corners on every edge. However, the outstanding feature of this set of skins is the fitting overlay image that can be put on top of the actual emulator screen. The skins were based on the great work of Alexander Gillis

To download the skins and to read instructions on how to put them to use, read more on his blog.

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