Sunday, October 16, 2011

Where have you been?

It's been quite awhile since I last put up a post on this blog. I planned turning a new leaf earlier in the year but somehow couldn't as my engagements and activities kept me busy all throughout the year. There were lots of times I had a developmental challenges and plan posting the solutions I used to overcome the problems, but I just kept procrastinating all along. It was just today I decided to do it no matter what.

To start with, how has been the year so far? Beautiful I hope. Well, it has been beautiful for me too, though it wasn't without the usual ups and downs, but we however thank God we're still standing. We almost lost one of houses completely, earlier in the year as one of the tenants raised down two out of four flats with fire and disappeared into thin air, but we thank God for his mercy and faithfulness.

Was contacted earlier in the year by Microsoft via LinkedIn to send in my CV and fill the skills self-assessment document they sent to me. I had to let the Staffing Lead for MEA Services Recruitment know that I was more of open-source than closed source and last worked actively with some of their technology stacks over 3 years ago while I was at Quanteq, but they however still wanted me to go ahead and send my details. Funnily enough, I'm not even well versed with Windows 7. Seems I rated myself a 2/10 or 3/10 as I had not used the OS for more than probably 3 hours since it came out. It's not like I can't do serious stuff with it, but I've not dissected apart the way I've done with Windows XP, which is still what I use on my desktop machine. Whatever I can do on it would be with the knowledge I have with Windows XP. My OS of choice since the last two years has been Apple's Mac OS X. Anyway, the long and short of it is that the recruitment never pulled through as they needed someone with stronger MS Technical skills :)

However, if you think you have what it takes to do great stuff with Microsoft stack of technologies and would like to work with them, do contact me and if convinced, I'd forward your CV to the Staffing Lead for MEA.

It was a pity we lost our dear Steve Jobs. I never had the opportunity to meet him and never really dreamt of meeting him, but I must confess that he's touched my life in so many ways even though our paths have never crossed and beyond me being an apple fan-boy, of which I'm not one, I just love the way their products ooze cool and deliver beyond your expectations, even though my last iPod-Touch didn't last more than 3 months before it gave up the ghost. He touched our lives in so many personal, delightful & emotional ways, kept everyone on their toes & totally disrupted the industry leaving behind a few casualties. Android wouldn't have gotten this far if it hadn't been for SJ and his team, and the best Android phone today - Samsung Galaxy S II, would have had no one to steal ideas from. I couldn't control the tears as it dropped when I read the news around 3.30am the day after his death. Steve, though we never met, you were one of my greatest inspirations. Thanks for thinking different. Adieu!

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