Monday, June 16, 2008

Nokia N95 8GB outguns Apple iPhone 3G

Nokia has done it again with their N95 8GB outgunning the soon to be out (July 11th) Apple iPhone 3G. Though similarly capable, the iPhone was found to be less capable though it stood head-to-head with the N95 8GB, but N95 nevertheless came out victorious. Don't get me wrong, the iPhone is very high-tech but has more limitations than N95. (Should soon pickup one.) Some of the restrictive features of iPhone 3G are:
  • non-removable battery, 1400mAh, replacement is via sending away to Apple
  • Very limited RAM (N95 has around 90MB of RAM after booting)
  • Limited multitasking (all apps can be runat once,if necessary;but I don't see why I'd want to do this)
  • No Flash support
  • No option for Bluetooth keyboard, at present
  • 2MP camera- no flash, no recording,fixed focus (N95 has a 5MP camera with professional lens)
  • In use, requires two hands to use most of the time, proving a little restrictive
  • No MMS support (Emailed photos are all downsampled to VGA)

Though it sure has some features that you can't find on N95,like:
  • Pouched/cased by necessity, to protect the touch-screen from damage.(N95's camera is not mechanically protected and picks up small day-to-day scratches which slightly impact photo quality)
  • Better form factor
and some other ones, but the N95 still outshines it, but lets give it to Apple to have been able come-up with a device that can stand head-to-head with one of the highest-tech devices from a phone leader (Nokia). Come to think of it, this is Apple's first time coming up with a mobile phone. What Apple has always been known for is their excellent sense of aesthetics - I hope we all agree?

You can get to read the full comparison by Steve Litchfield here

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