Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lots of cool applications

Sometimes ago I read about FeedDemon on a fellow blogger's site, with it's ability to enable you to view feeds offline. I'm a sort of guy that loves to keep abreast technology so I'm always reading up most of the good things I come across both offline and online. I did take out FeedDemon for a spin and was really won over with it's slick interface and efficiency of operation. You can also check it out too.

There has been so much noise about Adobe Media Player on various blogs and on their site. I wasn't disappointed when I gave it a shot. Keep it up Adobe.

With these kind of apps, you cannot but be productive.

Watched a video yesterday showcasing JXTA. I was impressed with the kind of communication that can be created between various ubiquitous devices with it. Check out the technology to find out more. Also saw a version of Aerith running on a set-up box (kind of TV set) last night. It was really a great sight to behold. Java is doing great on various devices now from cars, to PS3, to TVs and a host of all others. James Gosling and Bill Joy have really been doing us great. I'd also like to give big kudos to everyone that has been making Java a success ever since it's inception.

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