Friday, May 30, 2008

GMail Beta Love

Oh how I love GMail. Google, right from inception has been giving us great tools to enhance our productivity. But what really piques my interest is that besides the productivity, they kinda suck you in with excitement as you us their product. Is it the Google Search itself that we want to talk about, is it Google Docs, Is it the Google toolbar; name it, they have it. As I have read on quite a number of blogs and have come to believe that Google is one of the best companies to work for on earth.

What makes me to be giving all these praises to Google was the excitement I got when I was making use of GMail, which I use in my day to day running; though I also use Hotmail & Yahoo, I say it boldly that GMail is the best. The new Hotmail is crap (bad use of Web2.0 concepts), while the new Yahoo is a little better though too bloated I think. I started with a Lycos account back then because I didn't want to go the Yahoo way; I wanted my email address to be different because if you were to ask most Nigerians what their email address is, all you'd get is So most times when I meet Nigerians and I get to ask what their email address is, I finish it for them by adding once they tell me their username. Later Lycos somehow had issues and I lost the account, then I proceeded to Hotmail, and I was satisfied with their service then until GMail came out. I was dying then to get an invitation to use their service then because you could only have an account then with them if you got an invitation. Somehow one of my friends (pumba@cowblock) gave me an invitation. That was how GMail became my number one email provider. The yahoo account I created was created because one of my developer friends (Dabar) got irritated with me some years ago when he wanted to chat with me and he learnt that I didn't have a Yahoo account; so I had to create a Yahoo account, but I didn't want so I opted for i used the account for developmental purposes alone (to be specific, Yahoo UI development). I joined the YUI forum a few years back and the amount of mails I was getting from the forum was becoming a nightmare so I had to dedicate an account to it.

So back to what I was saying:
I closed work yesterday and just hibernated my laptop. On getting home, I resumed my PC and I was able to check quite a number of mails offline, as if I was online. I navigated back and forth from my inbox to personal mails without the display going blank and you know what? I felt good. I must also give kudos to the Firefox (FF) team because Mozilla kinda helped the experience; try doing this with our dear friend, Internet Explorer (IE), and see what happens; know what? The displaywill just go blank because the connectivity is lost. So GMail is able to cache my mailbox without hanging or spoiling the user experience. This is not to say GMail doesn't have it's flaws; one of which is that it freezes FF attimes because one of its scripts is performing an activity that is affecting FF's performance, and FF requests to stop the script in it's tracks, and if you do, the display is broken. But really, come to think of it, GMail is the outcome of the development done in an individual's spare time, and it's this good. Kudos to the GMail team and to Google themselves.

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