Thursday, February 16, 2012

Meet Auraslate, an Open Source Android Tablet for Developers. Mischief Encouraged. Hackers Welcomed.

Auraslate is a tablet designed for developers for only $199 and is made with Gorilla Corning Glass, and comes with the hardware source code included.

If you’re sick of firmware lockdowns and failed reflashings on your other Android tablets, the Auraslate may be for you. It’s basically an Ice Cream Sandwich-compatible tablet built from the ground up for hax0rz and programmers alike.

There are two models – the 7-inch 726B and the 10-inch 1026 – and the 1026 can run the latest version of Android. You can upload any version you want, however, and even the hardware is open source in that you receive a hardware source disk for about $20 extra.

For about $130, you get a standard Android CORTEX A9 tablet from a Chinese OEM that you could get for about $95 if you really dug around. However, Auraslate is promising open source software updates for their hardware and you also get a support community and the source code. This sort of package is ideal if you’re working on an Android hardware project, for example, as you will be able to talk with a community of hackers dealing with the same hardware and software rather than picking up a fly-by-night tablet from China and hoping it works.

The tablet was designed by Aura Design, an Android Tablet Design Start-Up that helps other companies or start-ups develop their own unique tablet for consumer , commercial, or industrial uses. They encourage mischievous and curious individuals to see what comes naturally for them to dig in and see what possibilities this tablet may become.

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