Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dude, I won an SSLMatic SSL certificate!

It is very funny at-times how events unfold. Awhile back I stumbled on David Walsh's blog and I was immediately won over by the wealth of content and information available on his blog, so I subscribed to his feed via my Google reader. Last weekend, I saw his tweet via my desktop client (DestroyTwitter) that he has some free SSL certificates to giveaway and all I had to do to partake of the giveaway was to post my favorite actor/actress’ name with “FTW” after it. For example:
  • Christina Ricci FTW!
I went ahead to his blog and posted Jason Statham; who's one of my favourites because of a few of his movies that I've watched (Death Race - I'm a very gentle guy but I somehow liked the violence in this movie, probably because it made me feel as if I was playing the games I've missed in times past - , Transporter 1, 2; not yet watched 3, Crank - though a stupid movie). I rarely put in for such things because I don't believe much in them, but somehow that day I was lead to just put in my own submission and I was very surprised when I saw my name in the list of winners. Even while opening the mail pertaining to the list of winners, I just wanted to see what actors/actresses made winners of them, and there I was. Here's the comment David made about my pick:

(Jason Stathom) - The movie Snatch is unbelievable but ever since this guy’s been putting out crap. He went from a manly man to rubbish.

So Jason Statham, though as people rightly said that the movies you do these days are crappy, you made a winner outta me anyway. Thanks to David Walsh and SSLMatic.

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Anonymous said...

congrats! dats one lucky win dere! :)