Thursday, February 12, 2009

JavaFX Mobile, not an option in our present day world.

Happy new year to you dear readers. Since the release of the JavaFX SDK v1 in December, I've been on the look-out for any good news from fellow developers out there that have started taking the red pill of JavaFX, but there hasn't been too much activity in that space. Besides the work of James Weaver and Chris Oliver, I've seen very little impressive JavaFX apps out there. Even Joshy (Joshua Marinacci) that used to dazzle me back then with the Filthy Rich Clients he used to come up with back then with Romain Guy has done very little to impress me with JavaFX since he joined the team.

I have long been reading up a lot of materials (books, blogs, tips, tricks and all) on Flex since around last year, but I just recently had my first shot with a real project and I wasn't disappointed at all. Pimping up an application can be done in a matter of minutes without having to write any code.

Getting back to the point of writing this post, one of my resolutions for the year is to get back to mobile and build some serious apps on that platform and I'm doing so with a variety of mobile technologies ranging from JavaME, Flashlite, Python, Android and WRT. In my working with JavaME, I'm looking forward to create a very compelling UIs on these devices so I thought of two options:
  • One is to go low-level and develop my own custom components, which would take a lot of my time, or
  • Use LWUIT

I thought of using LWUIT because of the experience I had with Majimob player, which currently boasts of over 1 million downloads. It was highly impressive, though still a little crude in my opinion and at-times slows down on my device. But overall, it's okay. I've also been looking forward to the next release of JavaFX SDK which will come with full support for JavaFX Nobile, but I was disappointed to learn that JavaFX Mobile is based on MSA which is currently available on very limited devices and that JavaFX Mobile is for people looking forward to develop for the future mobile devices which I want to state is not acceptable. So what Sun is simply telling us is that we can't develop for the over 2 billion devices out there with JavaFX Mobile? So why do we have to look forward to a platform that is kinda doomed at the moment?

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